My first look at photo shop.


Detail of the woven work….

Uni has encouraged me into my first taste of photoshop.

I played with ‘still life’ type images and so started with 2 very similar images. 3 blue glass jars and a stainless jug…. and 3 glass jars and some negative/positive shadow effects.

Once these images were together, I printed them out and sliced them, so I could weave them together (craft paper style) to make a new image.


Close -up of shadowing effect created by photoshop.


More woven effects on the light box.

After weaving them back together I photographed them on the light box and enjoyed the effects…..


Detail of slightly displaced shadow.


Another close-up of the stainless jug.


The original work.

The weaving gave me the idea to ‘re-pixalate’ the image.

Cutting it into small squares I then mounted them in little plastic ‘vitrines’.

After this I stitched them in and joined them together into a necklace.


Detail of necklace.

After making the necklace I photographed it on the light box to create something new again.


….aligned on the light box. The stripy background was just how the light box photographed. Interesting huh.


This is the necklace photographed randomly on the light box.


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